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Our Orangetheory Fitness center is located right in downtown Stony Brook, New York, and we provide a great space for the entire community to get a workout in. It's easy and fun for everyone from students to busy parents to fit in time for a workout at our spacious and modern gym facility.

At Orangetheory, several different intervals and moves are packed into one powerful 60-minute workout. You'll rotate between fitness machines and workout stations in three blocks of high-intensity interval training that keep your heart rate up. A board at the front of the room shows how you're performing and helps motivate you to meet your personal goals.

Orangetheory classes are led by bright and enthusiastic trainers who work to motivate and guide you during your workout. With this kind of reinforcement, you'll look forward to attending an early morning class or fitting in a workout after work. Gym trainers start the class by explaining what to expect and providing clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Their personal attention will help you get the most out of every class. You'll never get the same workout twice in an environment that is fresh, fun, and efficient.

Regardless of your fitness level, we offer something for everyone at Orangetheory Fitness. Classes are never overfull, so you’ll have the space you need to pay attention to form and improve your workout. With friendly front desk staff and energetic trainers, you'll come in feeling refreshed and leave motivated and happy.

We have no gym contracts and offer pay-as-you-go plans that can fit into practically anyone’s budget. Come into our location in Stony Brook and try your first class for free. Book online or call (631) 246-1040 and ask about our specials. If you're "sweating for the wedding," we have a Bridal Challenge just for you!






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I am completely obsessed with human movement, the science behind the human body, and the reasons why we as humans are able to do all of the incredible things we have the ability to do. My dream is to educate as many people as I possibly can about proper training and nutrition principles so that we can all live happier, healthier lives for as long as our bodies are capable of. This way we can do the things we enjoy most, with the people we enjoy most, for as long as we possibly can. Fun Fact - I am also a professional musician/music educator. My primary instrument is the Drum Set and I hold a BFA in Jazz Studies from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.


I burn for performance, as I have always been a performance driven athlete. I love the way OTF classes challenge me to push myself past my previous limits. I live for the struggle. I fully embrace the discomfort that each class brings knowing that the outcome will absolutely be worth the effort. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so get comfortable with being uncomfortable and realize the full potential that your body and your mind are capable of!
PANCAKES AND MAPLE SYRUP...or Ben and Jerry's ice cream.
I am a huge fan of Neutral Grip Dumbbell Thrusters. They require adequate mobility in the hips, knees, ankles and shoulder girdle, they require an exceptional amount of motor skill and coordination to execute properly, they are excellent at developing explosive power, strength, and stability in an overhead position, they require a great deal of stabilization of the spine, they can be performed for heavy sets to work on strength or lighter sets of higher reps to be used as a conditioning tool, they are great for gaining lean muscle mass because they work a multitude of muscles at one time, and they are considered "functional" because they involve two very natural and necessary motor patterns (the squat and the vertical press). Because of all of these reasons they are an exceptionally versatile exercise that can be used to progress a member toward a multitude of goals with a great deal of efficiency. They also don't require much space and can be done using minimal equipment. All you need is a set of dumbbells and yourself!
As passionate as I am about my cheat meals, I really do enjoy meal prepping and eating healthy. I love the life style and it really makes me happy when I am on top of my eating and training regimen. One more fun fact about myself is that besides working out, my absolute favorite thing to do is dance!


I burn for strength, happiness and being the best version of myself!! Fitness has been my passion since I was 6 years old, when I first started playing soccer. After highschool I started getting more into strength and weight training and I knew I wanted to be in the fitness industry. I found Orangetheory Fitness and immediately fell in love. I love the high energy of Orangetheory, the community it brings and not to mention the work out, which speaks for itself! Orangetheory Fitness is my second home where I am able to share my love for fitness with our members and also help others become better versions of themselves!! Lastly, I also burn for my family, and the second family I have made at OTF. Stay orange my friends and keep burning!!


My guilty pleasure? OH BOY...this is hard so here are my top 5 cheat snacks/meals. First which is my absolute favorite would be sweet chili chip doritos!!! Second, dark chocolate covered pretzels. UGH. Third, would be buffalo chicken pizza!! Fourth would be a toasted egg everything bagel with cream cheese AND BACON. Last but not least, I love candy like sour gummies and starbursts.
I’ve worked in a bunch of gyms, all offering different things to my fitness journey!! But to be honest I hit the jackpot when I came to OrangeTheory! I’m an extremely loud person with such a BIG personality and it fits perfectly with not only the company but also with the members!! Motivation is a very big deal to me and being that I’ve taught myself to be “self-motivating” and I find great pleasure in motivating others as well!! My goofy, random, spontaneous, outgoing,fun, dominant personality is what makes me who I am today and why I’m so good with people. If I can make you laugh, feel good about yourself and still give you a kick ass workout, well then I did my job to it’s fullest!!


I burn for Fitness!! Becoming a Personal Trainer was probably the best decision that I’ve ever made!! Being heavily in the fitness industry has not only shown me what I’m truly passionate about but has also shown me how to be disciplined, determined, focused and lastly how to be patient. I've learned that if you fall in love with the process the results will come! The constant changes my body has gone through from just purely strength training over to becoming a Physique competitor for NPC (National Physique Committee) has only pushed my obsession with fitness to the max! The amount of discipline it take to be utterly consistent with keeping up with your body has truly amazed me! This is the one thing i can say i will always keep near and dear to me.


WHATS YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE?My guilty pleasures are Tacos, Nachos, Burgers, Pizza and Peanut M&M’s! Yes my love for food goes far beyond these that I’ve listedbut these are what make me EXTREMELY HAPPY!!


My favorite OTF exercise has to be the one minute ALL OUT! Reason why is because I’ve played basketball and football my whole life and they are both short burst sprints which i haven’t really been able to do since I blew out my knee. Running outside aggravates my knee and so did other random treadmills at other gyms. Then when i took my first class at OTF and was introduced to to the flex deck and it changed my life as far as running goes! Im not a distance runner at all but the short burst sprints I’m all about!! Being able to do them again has truly made me happy!!
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Backed by the science of post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), our heart-rate monitored training is designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy. Our clients burn an estimated 500 to 1000 calories per workout. We are 5 zone heart-rate interval training.







Working out in a group provides accountability and structure to help achieve fitness goals. You are more likely to get a great workout and better results from the well-rounded movements and pace direction you get in a group setting. The session motivates each other to pick up the pace and reach beyond plateaus. People who workout in groups stick to their goals more consistently than those that workout alone.



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